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April 23, 2008 - Wine Appreciation

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4 Main Reasons That Started the Wine Rage

When people think of grapes, the first thing that comes to their mind is wine. This is because wines are generally made from grapes. That is why most people think of wine as grape wines.

However, there are wines that are made from rice, herbs, barley, and honey. Whatever material they are made from, wines are processed through fermentation.

Consequently, wines have definitely gained so much popularity throughout the ages. Since its inception, wines have continuously garnered the attention and interest of people from every part of the globe.

There are many reasons why wines have become so popular throughout the ages. Many factors have affected the popularity of wine. Some say that wine is popular because of its health benefits. Other people say that wine simply taste good. Whatever available reasons these people wish to convey, wine is, indeed, popular. For people who wish to know why wine has become so popular, here are some definite reasons why:

1. Lack of alternative

In history, wine had started to gain their popularity when there was no available potable water in the early years of Europe. That is why during those times, wine was considered as part of the daily diet of the Europeans.

2. Historical progress

Many people just love wine. From the ancient history of Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, wine has continuously dominated the world because people learned and realized the benefits and goodness of drinking wine.

Among the three, the Romans are the greatest wine lovers. That is why they instigated the development of wine in other countries, particularly in Spain, Britain, and France. It was when the colonization had started that the popularity of wine was passed on from one country to another.

3. Christianity

Because of its popular part in the "Christian Eucharist," the popularity of wine has continuously grown. More and more manufacturers created wine in order to supply the growing demands of the church as Christianity continued to proliferate around the globe.
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4. Sign of "opulence"

Since the history of wine transgressed from the ancient Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians, wine has always been a symbol of opulence, wealth, and luxury. This is because early wine drinkers were prominent people.

Indeed, the popularity of wine can never be underrated. It has successfully gained its popularity at the right age and at the right pace. Just as it gradually tastes good with age, the popularity of wine continues to increase as time passes.

Wine making is an easy, cost-efficient way to stock up on your favorite vintages. Although the wine-making process is fairly simple, it's important to follow the steps carefully to ensure you don't miss any elements. These steps will be crucial to the success of your batch.

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