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Monday August 04, 2008 - Serving Wine

Another Great Serving Wine Article

Exploring Napa Valley Wineries

California is at the top of the list when it comes to quality wine production in the country. Winery excursions of Napa Valley are a great way to experience tastings at top Napa Valley wineries in comfort.

Exploring Napa Valley Wineries

Napa Valley, located in northern California, is home to some of the United States' best vineyards and wineries. The area is ideal for growing grapes to make delicious wines; besides the acidic volcanic soil, the climate of northern California is varied and suited well to grape growing. This area is not the beach-filled California that you see on TV, rather, it is a perfect mix of seasons - as well as attractions and sites for wine lovers to enjoy.

One of the highest rated wine excursions in Napa Valley is hosted by Beau Wine (800-387-2328), based in Sonoma, California. This company offers SUVs and stretch limousines for your comfortable enjoyment as you explore the wineries of Napa Valley. All of the chauffeurs/guides are extremely knowledgeable about the Napa Valley area as well as the vineyards located within the region - in fact, they must all go through months of training as well as testing in order to be approved as a guide. Beau Wine offers excursions to wineries in most of northern California, including both Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley.

The Napa Valley excursions are taken in a limousine, and you can choose either a four, six or eight hour winery experience. The six and eight hour versions are completely customizable, and include transportation in a limo as well as complimentary champagne to sip while riding. If you choose the six hour Napa Valley package, a limo will pick you (including anyone you want in your party, as this is a private venture) up at any Napa Valley location. You will be chauffeured around to four or five premium wineries and vineyards, and you'll be able to taste your way through all of these locations. The six hour trip also includes a trip to a new, state-of-the-art vineyard/wine facility, as well as a gourmet picnic lunch - catered at one of the wineries.

The eight hour Napa Valley package includes all of the amenities of the six hour version, but you can be picked up for the start of your day at any of many locations in San Francisco or the East Bay. You will then proceed to the wineries, and you can choose to create a custom itinerary if you prefer. The four hour package is the shortest of the luxury wine excursions of Napa Valley, and it includes a trip to a few wine tasting rooms, as well as stops at wineries chosen from the Beau Wine list of wineries.

Whether you only have a few hours or a few days, winery excursions are a great way to take in the wine culture of Northern California. Throw in the serene beauty of the area, and you have a trip fit for a king and queen.

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Exploring Napa Valley Wineries

California is at the top of the list when it comes to quality wine production in the country. Winery excursions of Napa Valley are a great way to expe...

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