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October 23, 2008 - Port Wine

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Wine Racks From The Little Guys

It is easy to see why many people feel that when it comes to shopping for a wine rack, there is not going to be much choice in terms of finding really unique yet functional pieces. Let?s face it, for many of us a wine rack has always been seen as just something to store our bottles, however, today many people are looking for those interesting pieces that will always be a conversation starter while being functional at the same time. You might be able to find such pieces from larger stores or manufacturers, but when looking to buy a wine rack that none of your friends will have, the best place to look is with the independent artists.

Mr. Vinerack, also known as Larry Stern, is a builder of custom wrought iron vine racks (that is correct, ?vine rack? not wine rack) out of New Jersey. The former owner of a local liquor store, in 1989 Larry came up with the idea of creating his masterpieces after asking local customers why they were not fond of the commercial wrought iron wine racks that he gave away as promotions. Most people replied that they were unattractive and plain, or that they were easy to tip over.

Having no previous experience in welding, Larry looked to his friends for help and knowledge. After grasping the art of blind welding, Larry began to create the works of art he makes today. Decorative and functional, his vine racks are a work of art and give the illusion of ?picking your wine bottle right from the vine.? The majority of his racks are wall mounted, but he does have some floor standing, suspended and counter top creations as well. He takes pride in offering unique pieces to his customers that are functional and beautiful.

Delia is a furniture producer based out of Oregon. With an emphasis on hand made steel furniture and accessories, Delia provides manufacturing, marketing and distribution services to a number of artists. This allows the artists to do what they do best, create.

The wine racks from Delia are anything but ordinary. With an array of styles ranging from counter top to floor standing, single bottle holders to wine consoles, there is a wine rack for anyone who is looking for something functional and unique at the same time. Take for example their ?Wine Spine.? A modern piece, this rack curves gently forming a vertebrae shape while holding 13 bottles of your favorite wine. I have never seen a wine rack with this style before, and while to some thinking about a wine rack that resembles a spine might be a bit nauseating, this wine rack is well crafted and maintains its elegance while being distinctive and versatile at the same time.

To some, being different means being eccentric. Delia know that not everyone is interested in the same style, thus the Wine Bug and Bugus Erectus were born. Quirky, both the Wine Bug and Bugus Erectus are wine bottle holders crafted to resemble insects. Both are very charming and have their own little personalities, which makes them functional and ornamental at the same time.

While it might be possible to get these sorts of wine racks from larger commercial manufacturers, it is unlikely that commercial products are going to be made with the same dedication and passion as those hand crafted by an artist.

About the Author:

Ken Finnigan is the CEO of Finest Wine Racks a website specializing in quality decorative wine racks and durable wine storage systems.

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Wine Racks From The Little Guys

It is easy to see why many people feel that when it comes to shopping for a wine rack, there is not going to be much choice in terms of finding really...

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