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December 01, 2008 - Wine Appraisal

Wine Appraisal For Your Reading Pleasure

Australian Wine

Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Yarra Valley, Hunt Valley and Coonawarra; but a few of Australia's wine regions which enjoy a warm and dry climate ideal for making wine, resulting in the production of wines which are easy on the palate from a young age. Australia is steadily building a name for itself as a top notch wine country.

With considerable government assistance and a dedicated research centre in the Australian Wine Research Institute, Australian wines have come to be known for attention to technical details and innovative production techniques, how to make wine better is of central concern to the Australian industry. This concerted effort at improving the wine industry has resulted in the ability of Australian wine makers to produce good quality wines of high value for money at all price levels, and a subsequent growth in exports over the last ten years. Red and white wines of considerable quality can be sourced from Australia at relatively low prices.

Over the last fifteen years there has been a notable amount of consolidation of wine producing companies in Australia, creating four major companies which are able to fair well on the international market, especially in producing sufficient quantities to satisfy the big players wanting to buy wine in bulk, such as major supermarket buyers.

A second boost to the Australian wine industry comes from its international promotion campaign, waged over the years to improve sales around the world. The promotions are for Australian wine in general, so as to have a broader benefit to the entire industry. The country has around eight hundred and fifty wineries, producing wines such as Shiraz, Cabernet and Chardonnay. The Australian adaption of the French Syrah grape has given their Shiraz an award winning quality. Blends are not uncommon in Australian wine making, with Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz being one of the more popular combinations.

Some of the secrets of the Australian wine industry

The wine charm of Australian fine wine comes through a consolidated effort at maintaining quality ratings. Wines are subjected to a panel of experts who taste samples before export in order to assure quality standards. A label integrity program monitors that information on the label is accurate, especially with regard to vintage, variety and region. Always striving for innovation, Australia produces a quarter of the world's technical papers in the field of wine making, and they are leaders in the fields of oenology, viticulture and marketing. It is the marketing, aimed at satisfying the wants of consumers, that drives a successful wine industry in Australia. These days it is certainly not uncommon to find Australian wines on any notable wine list.

Australian Wine Regions produce some good wines

Another short Wine Appraisal review

Australian Wine

Barossa Valley, Clare Valley, Yarra Valley, Hunt Valley and Coonawarra; but a few of Australia's wine regions which enjoy a warm and dry climate ideal...

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