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Wine Sampling Limousine Trip to Maryland

Are you and your wine enthusiast friends looking for some place to go to satisfy your wine ?cravings?? Are you also having problems as to who will be the designated driver after you have gone through the tasting of wines in the wineries? Is no one among you willing to sacrifice and not drink a drop of wine so that all of you will get home safely? If that is the case, there is no need for you or your friends to continue bickering about picking one person from your group to be the designated driver. The moment you book a limousine for your trip, the position of a driver is filled.

After you and your wine-drinking friends have booked the limousine, the best place to go to fulfill your wine ?cravings? would be Maryland. In Maryland, there are more than 180 different varieties of wine to choose from, and there?s bound to be something that?s perfect for you and your friends, and their skilled winemakers provide wine drinkers wonderful world-class wines. Meet the winemakers of the wineries in Maryland and see for yourselves how your favorite wine is made from grape to the bottle.

Begin your wine tasting excursion by asking your limousine driver to take you to Boordy Vineyards, said to be Maryland?s oldest family run winery. Boordy Vineyards was established in 1945 and owned by the R.B. Deford family. They also have escorted tours on the winemaking process and will take you to stroll through the vineyards to experience the beauty of a Maryland winery. If you like, you may even purchase their wines and who knows, you may even be given a discount for your purchase!

After you and your limousine friends have lingered long enough at Boordy Vineyards, it is time for you to move on to another winery. Tell your limousine driver to bring you to Cygnus Wine Cellars, located on 3130 Long Lane, Manchester, Maryland. Cygnus Wine Cellars became a licensed and bonded winery in 1996 and they are a small family winery.

For some fresh fruit flavor wines, ask your limousine driver to take you to Deep Creek Cellars. Located at 177 Frazee Ridge Road, Friendsville, it is a pioneering winery, vineyard, and farm market in the mountains of extreme western Maryland, near Deep Creek Lake. Their wines are inspired by the country wines of Europe and are distinctive and polished expressions of the grape, with a focus on fresh fruit flavors, with the subtle use of oak aging.

One thing that you can be sure of is that when you and your friends finally call it a day, your limousine driver is ever ready to bring you home. And hopefully, this trip has been one that you and your friends have totally enjoyed.

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