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May 01, 2008 - Vintage Wine

Another Great Vintage Wine Article

6 Secret Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine - Secrets Revealed

In this article, I have taken the time to compile the top 6 health benefits of drinking Red Wine. There are more, but these are the top 6 health benefits I will write about in this article, the rest is on my website.

Let's face it, most of us drink occasionally. I for one, I love red wine, and I drink socially when I am hanging with friends. However, I never stopped to think about the health benefits of Red Wine until I saw recent news clipping on the subject.

Well, here is what I have found to be the top 6 health benefits of Red Wine.

Benefit 1: Red Wine is Hearty,

It's good for the heart. The content of wine is a very significant protector of the heart. Substances in the grape skin leaks into the wine during wine making. These substances are called flavanoids. Flavanoids protects us from bad cholesterol and helps prevent blood clots. This alone makes red wine and excellent drink and a reason to drink up.

Benefit 2: Red Wine has Vitamins, Minerals and Natural Sugar

As we know, these are beneficial in maintaining optimum health. Red Wine contains large amount of these. Vitamin B is a flagship vitamin of Red Wine, also present is potassium and small amounts of sodium. All this is due to the grape skin effects. In fact, do you know that grape skin is an excellent agent and fighter against as cancer?

Benefit 3: Red Wine Extends Life?

A recent study has shown that a compound in Red Wine known as resveratrol has shown signs of extending life. We won't go into details of the study, but just know that it has shown promising results on animal subject. Imagine what this could mean for us humans.

Benefit 4: Our Digestive System

Red wine helps in the break down of the food that we eat. Ever wondered why the French always have a glass wine with their meals? Now you know also have you ever wondered why the French are skinnier people. Maybe their food digest better with wine and this aids in keeping their weight down. Finally, as we grow older, our bodies stop producing the substance it needs to breakdown the food we it quickly, therefore it is often suggested that we consume a glass of red wine with food.

Benefit 5: Weight loss,

Although wine is high in calories, it can actually make you lose weight. How? Well- remember it helps in food digestion, maybe that is how. On a recent TV show, many French woman were explaining how they lost weight and keep it of, by having a glass of Red Wine with their meals, hmmm, did we miss something in America?

Benefit 6: Sleep.

Red Wine helps relax you and make you sleep better. It has a tranquil effect on the body and also it will aid in reducing the risk of long term insomnia.

There you have it, the top 6 most significant health benefits of drinking Red wine. It is suggested that we drink moderately all the time. It's no fun getting drunk, hey moderation in everything is always good, no complaints right?

Red Wine Definitely has its health benefits, Drink up to a healthier lifestyle, moderately of course and that's my final answer.

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Burgess is a health and fitness writer.

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