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2008 - Bordeaux Wine

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Wine Storage Systems

Generally, many people store wine because of its investment value. During the last few years, the value of wine, which is purchased young and properly stored, has appreciated several times over. With the popularity of wine increasing, growth in this trend is expected to continue. Also, several people work on a kind of a rotation system, storing wine for their own utilization in the future. The best system is to buy fine wines when available and store them properly until they fully mature.

There are several different ways to store wines appropriately to ensure that the quality doesn?t deteriorate. What storage system one opts for depends on personal requirements and needs. Wine coolers maintain the wines at an ideal, constant temperature and these are considered to be an excellent option for short-term storage or for use during parties. These self-supporting boxes or bins might have castors so that they can be moved to a convenient serving area during a party or to get closer to an electrical outlet. Some wine coolers even come with a car lighter adapter and are handy enough to take on short trips.

Wine refrigerators are another excellent option for short-term storage and these maintain your wine at an ideal temperature, for drinking at any time. These refrigerators come in many different styles and designs ranging from a mini-fridge handy design that holds four bottles to a large stand-alone or built-in model that will hold several hundred bottles.

Thermoelectric wine refrigerators are attractive and energy efficient. They can be added to your bar, dining or kitchen area. A traditional bar-fridge or mini-fridge will also serve the same purpose for maintaining your wine at an ideal temperature. The price of these refrigerators may vary as to their design, size and features.

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Wine Clubs

Wine clubs are fun and convenient way for wine lovers to experience wine at its fullest. You can give a wine club membership as a present to a loved o...

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Featured Bordeaux Wine Items

Millenium Gold Sparkling

Our ever popular "Gold" is now available in an etched and hand-painted bottle decorated for the Millennium celebrations. This California sparkling wine has been made in a limited production, so get your orders in early. Buy Champagne online! GDMM GDMM

Price: 76.99 USD

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Mon, 28 Apr 2008 22:46:26 PDT
(no comments) 4 Categories: wine bottle holders wine bottle holders Updated by bibik5 1 minute ago Miami fishing charters - 'World of difference' after 20 years in military

The drunk in the audience

Mon, 28 Apr 2008 23:30:47 PDT
I had suggested to a few friends that we go along to one of the comedy nights hosted by Richard Herring at the Lyric in Hammersmith. A few people were interested, so I bought four tickets and made my way there in the evening with my ex-flatmate, where we would meet with my friends Amy (who has written a couple of posts on here) and Red Face Paul (about whom I have written occasionally). I had forgotten however that both Amy and Red Face Paul had been in the pub since lunchtime. This fact becam

WINE EVENTS For expanded listings of wine events, visit www.oregonlive.com and type keywords Wine Events. (The Oregonian)

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 00:15:46 PDT
Blend Your Own Wine: 6:30-7:30 p.m. Tue, April 29; Urban Wineworks, 407 N.W. 16th Ave.; 503-226-9797; $40, includes class and a bottle of your own blend.

Alcopops kapow!

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 00:27:46 PDT
With one swift blow, the Rudd Government has left the alcohol industry reeling after raising taxes on premixed spirits, or 'alcopops', by 70%. The measure is aimed at curbing binge-drinking among teenagers. John Rogerson was still in bed when the call came yesterday morning. The head of the Australian Drug Foundation quickly realised his Sunday sleep-in would have to wait. On the phone was Senator Jan McLucas — parliamentary secretary for health in the Rudd Government. The news she delivered c

Drive-through beer vendor stirs concern

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 00:29:20 PDT
The addition of beer to the drive-through menu at a Clive restaurant has some concerned about the effects it might have on the number of people drinking and driving. "We're worried about it, but what are we going to do about it?" Clive Police Lt. Gary Walker said. The Clive City Council granted Iowa Castle owner Ray Alehy a license to sell beer and wine coolers at his restaurant at the last council meeting. The vote was unanimous, but not without discussion. "This kind of thing concerns me,"

Was Japan’s Lizzie Borden lucky?

Tue, 29 Apr 2008 01:31:24 PDT
POLICE BLOTTER CASES seldom get covered on this site, but yesterday’s verdict in a Tokyo murder trial brings up some aspects of the criminal justice system that the Japanese media don’t seem to be addressing. Here are the facts, in brief: Shortly after getting married in March 2003, Mihashi Yusuke, an employee of a securities firm, began beating his wife. The beatings were severe enough that she was admitted to a shelter for domestic violence victims with a broken nose and a bruised face i

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