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When Storing Wine..

Wine aids in the production and flow of gastric juices. This facilitates digestion by breaking down the food in the stomach quickly and effectively. For many, after the age of 50 our bodies do not produce enough hydrochloric acid that are needed for digestion. So many doctors, including my own, have suggested a glass or two of wine with a meal. Who am I to complain?

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Since its inception, wine has long been considered as one of the most popular and most well loved beverages.

Wine is an alcoholic drink that is manufactured through the process of fermentation, where the sugar content of the organic material from which the wine is made are usually grapes converted into alcohol by utilizing yeast.

With the complexity of producing wine, most of these alcoholic beverages are classified into many categories, depending on the style, vintage, vinification process, taste, and quality.

However, whatever type of wine being purchased, one of the greatest and the most important factors is that most wine lovers consider the way they are being stored. This is because a good class of wine is never too good enough if it is stored inappropriately. It is extremely important to store wines in proper places in order to preserve its flavor and richness.

There are many factors to be considered when storing wine. To know more, here is a list of some of the important factors that must be considered when storing wine.

1. Humidity

When storing wine, it is important to take note of the room?s humidity. This is because extreme humidity can gradually decrease the quality of the cork. When the cork is destroyed, the aroma or flavor of the wine is gradually dispensed.

The appropriate amount of humidity when storing wines ranges from 50% to 80%. However, the ideal humidity should fall on the 70% mark.

The idea here is that humidity doesn't directly affect the wine itself. The materials like the cork or cardboard boxes are the ones that acquire greater impact. Once destroyed, it can have an effect on the wine as they already allow some air or any particles that are exposed to the wine.

2. Temperature

Among all the many factors that must be considered when storing wine is temperature. This is because irregular and erratic temperature changes will greatly affect the overall quality of the wine. In most cases, wines age prematurely when exposed to unstable temperatures.

The ideal temperature when storing wine should range from 50? to 55? F.

3. Dimness or Level of Obscurity

Light will hastily age wine. Wine stored in clear bottles will age faster than those kept in colored bottles.

However, light can seep though colored bottles as well as clear. The direct effect of the ultraviolet rays of the sun will give the wine a distasteful odor and may eventually damage it.

Indeed, storage is extremely important in identifying the quality of wines. In fact, well-kept wines usually cost more. That is how important storage can be.

As of now, there is no such thing as a diet wine. Unfortunately, there is no getting away from the fact that wine contains calories and calories make you fat if you do not burn them up. A glass of white or red wine contains around 100 calories. Sweeter wines that contain residual sugar as well as alcohol have more calories.

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When Storing Wine..

Wine aids in the production and flow of gastric juices. This facilitates digestion by breaking down the food in the stomach quickly and effectively. F...

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