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June 08, 2008 - Wine Country

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Selecting wine cellar racks and wine cellar designs

Wine storage racks are the cornerstone of just about any cellar, whether for your house, restaurant, retail store, or vacation property. Intended for both protecting and showcasing your collection in style, they are an important furnishing that you wouldn't dare overlook. They have to be strong enough to safely hold the combined weight of your precious bottles, and be pleasing to the eye. Wall wine racks need to be secured in place with the appropriate fasteners to ensure the entire thing doesn't come crashing down once loaded up. Likewise, wine glass racks hold equally valuable items and showcase your stemware in style. Some types may be combined with wine storage racks, which are ideal when space is limited and you have a smaller inventory to deal with.

You may already have a clear idea of what you are searching for when shopping for wine storage racks. If you aren't so certain, it may be helpful for you to first identify the primary purpose you wish to achieve. Do you seek pure utility, or is a certain style that blends in or compliments your existing d?cor more important? Would wall wine racks be more suitable? Perhaps you are looking for wine glass racks to conserve room in your bar or kitchen. Chances are good you can find the perfect mix and won't have to compromise to fulfill your needs and desires. Unlike the limited selection your local merchants may carry, the wide variety of online retailers combined with full manufacturer product lines, are sure to accomplish your goals and turn your vision into reality.

An important aspect of wine cellar designs, one must take into consideration both the wine cellar racks and other items such as the primary wine cellar equipment. It may be beneficial to determine what your needs are, before even getting into budgeting or space restraints. Are you looking for something that is purely a utility room to safely stock your inventory, or do have grand plans for an extravagant - yet well planned and fully functional - and luxurious cellar that will proudly showcase your prized collection prominently on custom built wine cellar racks. Whichever you choose, it pays to do you research and explore the many options available to you.

Some people may caution you not to rush out and purchase all your wine cellar equipment until after your basic plan has come together. However, thought should be put into some of these key items as large items like refrigeration, bottling and dispensing units, and other accessories may in fact consume large areas of space. Good wine cellar designs should incorporate all aspects of the final vision, and assist in producing a functional and appealing room that you can get maximum enjoyment from. Simply filling a room with some expensive wine cellar racks and putting bottles on them won't wow your guests or magically increase the resale value of a property. Taking the time to seek out quality furnishings and find attractive prices that meet your budget will pay off in the long run once your vision comes to fruition.

Super savings for residential and commercial applications can be easily found online. If you want wall wine racks that are custom built, or would prefer a modular system that can be changed as your collection grows, I encourage you to explore the wide range of styles, materials, and designs showcased online by some of the leading manufacturers of wine glass racks.

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Michael Boyce is a regular contributor to wine-cellar-racks.com, a consumer's resource to wine cellar racks, winemaking kits, equipment, accessories, gifts, books, artwork and tours.

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Selecting wine cellar racks and wine cellar designs

Wine storage racks are the cornerstone of just about any cellar, whether for your house, restaurant, retail store, or vacation property. Intended for ...

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