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August 2008 - Wine Shops

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Wine Tasting Clubs

To real wine lovers, tasting wine is an experience that is enjoyed in slow, satisfying moments. You need to take note of several things before the wine even touches your lips. First, you have to consider the color of the wine as it is reflected on the glass. Is the liquid clear or does it look cloudy? Wine experts say that the experience is better if the glass is bigger. Swirl the wine inside the glass in order for the wine to air out. Smell the wine and take note of its distinctive flavors. Is it fruity or sweet? Does it have a mild or strong scent? Is it spicy or earthy? You can tell a lot just by smelling the wine. You don't have to take an extensive course in wine tasting; just go with what you feel.

When it's time to actually taste the wine, sip a bit of it and taste the liquid on every part of your tongue. Take note of its sweetness, bitterness or saltiness by moving the wine around your mouth. Sweetness is generally sensed at the tip of the tongue, bitterness near the back and saltiness near the front. It would be better if you start of with the white wines and work your way up to the reds or towards sweeter dessert wines. After swallowing or disposing the wine, take note if the taste lingers.

You don't have to swallow the wine every time. Spittoons are conveniently placed around wine tasting events for you dispose of the wine. If you take in too much, the tastes might become overwhelming inside your mouth and, you should avoid getting drunk.

Wine tasting is so popular among wine lovers that wine tasting clubs and wine tasting events are held all over. These clubs regularly meet to try out different types of wine and critique them. A lot of wine tasting clubs have themes for every event they put together.

Several wine tasting clubs could be reached through their websites. Membership requirements and rates vary from club to club. You should research thoroughly to find the club that would suit your preference.

Wine Clubs provides detailed information on Wine Clubs, Wine Of The Month Clubs, California Wine Clubs, Wine Making Clubs and more. Wine Clubs is affiliated with Wine Tasting Tours.

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Wine Tasting Clubs

To real wine lovers, tasting wine is an experience that is enjoyed in slow, satisfying moments. You need to take note of several things before the win...

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