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October 18, 2008 - Dessert Wines

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How To Choose WIne Gift Baskets For The Wine Enthusiasts On Your Gift List

On any birthday, holiday, anniversary, or other special event, a gift basket will please even the fussiest recipient. Many of us have a passion for foods, wines, and all things chocolate! With that in mind, wouldn't a wine and food gift basket be perfect for your gift giving needs?

Creating a wine basket over the Internet is not only time saving for you, but it is an excellent way to really personalize the basket. There are many unique spins that can be taken on a gift basket.

Some may feel that a gift chosen online is impersonal. This is not necessarily true. Prices and selections are vastly improved when shopping online, so it is far easier to find a gem of a product that may not be available in your area. Having a wider selection is actually better, as it virtually guarantees that your gift will be one of a kind.

Start by choosing a basket that will suit the taste of the gift recipient. If your friend or family member has a Mediterranean style kitchen, choose a basket in rich earth tones of brownish-red and aqua blues. For country kitchens, opt for a wicker basket. Modern kitchens with stainless steel appliances will look even better with a teak basket. The possibilities are endless.

The contents of the gift basket are also full of possibilities. If the wine connoisseur, you can choose one style of wine, say a Shiraz, and then select a number of Shiraz's from different vineyards. This is an appropriate gift for the wine lover who enjoys picking out the different tones and bouquets found in any variety of wine.

A beginning enthusiast will appreciate a basket with a few varieties of wines so that he or she can start narrowing down his or her favorite styles. You can add some wine glasses, wine charms, and a bottle stopper, as these are items a beginner may not already have on hand.

If you have a local vineyard, they often can put together a unique basket for you. Typical vineyards offer wines with personalized labels, locally produced jellies, handmade chocolate truffles, local cheeses, and even some area breads and crackers. A gift basket from local products can be a real kick for someone from out of town.

Wine is excellent with cheese and crackers. You can look into adding gourmet cheese products, some unique crackers, and other goodies. A great tip is to purchase things you know the gift recipient often refuses to purchase because he or she feels they are too extravagant. The items that a person most desires are always the ones he or she cannot afford.

No matter what a person's tastes may be, they will be thrilled with a wine and food basket. It's a thought that truly comes from the heart.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as wine gift baskets at www.bottledlovemessage.com

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How To Choose WIne Gift Baskets For The Wine Enthusiasts On Your Gift List

On any birthday, holiday, anniversary, or other special event, a gift basket will please even the fussiest recipient. Many of us have a passion for fo...

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