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11/04/08 - Wine Grapes

A Wine Grapes Artilce for Your Viewing

Wine Storage Temperature And Serving Suggestions

The love of wine has existed since the dawn of time. Fossil vines, 60-million-years-old, are the earliest scientific evidence of grapes. The earliest written account of viniculture is in the Old Testament of the Bible which tells us that Noah planted a vineyard and made wine (well with all those animals on the Ark what was he expected to do!)

Exactly when it was discovered is unknown, but an ancient Persian fable credits a lady of the court with the discovery of wine. This Princess, having lost favor with the King, attempted to poison herself by eating some table grapes that had spoiled in a jar. She became intoxicated and giddy and fell asleep. When she awoke, she found the stresses that had made her life intolerable had dispersed. Returning to the source of her relief, her subsequent conduct changed so remarkably that she regained the King's favor. He shared his daughter's discovery with his court and ...

The wine industry and consumption continues to grow every year. Wine connoisseur are continually buying great wine to keep either for later consumption or for investment.

One of the most important aspects to ensure your wine stays fresh during storage is the wine storage temperature.

The basics of wine storage temperature are fairly simple. First, the wine should be kept cool. Like most beverages and foods, heat is the natural enemy of wine. A cool temperature is optimal, but the temperature should not lowered too much as this too will harm the wine. In the unlikely event that the wine freezes, it will probably only be suitable for vinegar!

The basics of wine storage are really straightforward with whites, reds, and blushes. However, the serving preparation for each of these wine types is different and something worth discussing. After removing the bottle from storage, getting your wine to the correct temperature is important. With red wines, such as a merlot or sheraz, approximately 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius) is what is recommended. This is basically room temperature. Secret tip: in a room of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit the wine, due to being a liquid will naturally be cooler. It is highly advised to not chill red wines. This is a more common error than you think, the cold can be very destructive on the wine and its flavor.

With whites and many blushes the need for refrigeration before serving is key. Chilling truly brings out the flavor. For these types of wine 39 degrees Fahrenheit or 4 degrees Celsius is usually a good temperature.

In the case of both darker wines and the lighter types, it is advisable to let the bottle ?breathe? after opening. It is recommended you do this about half an hour before drinking (longer is often better)

Now to tasting. Swish the wine around the mouth to truly get the most out of the flavor. I however recommend drinking as opposed to spitting it out!

In the end ENJOY the wine, it is after all a pleasure that has been with us for centuries.

About the Author:

Steven Edwards is the operator of www.wine-storage-solutions.com the ultimate source for all your wine storage needs.

A Short Wine Grapes Summary

Wine Storage Temperature And Serving Suggestions

The love of wine has existed since the dawn of time. Fossil vines, 60-million-years-old, are the earliest scientific evidence of grapes. The earliest ...

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Featured Wine Grapes Items

The FTD Tulip Bouquet

Tulips are a popular flower because they are long lasting and convey a variety of sentiments. This bouquet features a bunch of tulips in a glass vase. Available in white, yellow, pink, or peach. B14-3598

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Current Wine Grapes News

Pinot Grigio-Gris Wines By Any Other Names Would Be…

Fri, 03 Oct 08 16:24:15 -0700
Most wine drinkers know that Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are two names for the same wine grape. This post has a list of the full 18 names this one grape goes by.

Wine lovers from around the world unti during Sept. & Oct. t

Fri, 03 Oct 08 11:29:59 -0700
This event signifies hundreds of years of wine making and you can experience it all as you take part in the annual ‘wine harvesting’ activities, grape stomping parties, tastings and much more. This amazing event is fun for wine connoisseurs and amateurs alive. Reservations are required prior to attending the Wine Harvest in Porto.

Wine and grape - admired from ancient days

Fri, 03 Oct 08 05:47:31 -0700
But, find out here how they could ALSO help you fight CELLULITE!

Thursday Wine Collector's Night at Melograno (no corkage)

Tue, 30 Sep 08 16:28:31 -0700
On Thursday evenings, Melograno will feature “Wine Collector’s Night,” an event dedicated to everyone who has been saving "that special bottle" for the right moment. Each week focuses on a specific grape varietal and Chef Alberto will create specials which pair perfectly with the “Theme.” And no corkage!

California Wine Harvest Season 2008

Tue, 30 Sep 08 08:45:56 -0700
From Temecula and Santa Barbara to Paso Robles and Napa Valley, vineyards this time of year are hanging low with grapes – some big and juicy, others small yet packed with concentrated flavors.

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2008 - Napa Wine

Napa Wine For Your Reading Pleasure

Wine Gift Basket

Wine Gift Baskets:

Gift baskets are very popular among the people having good taste and culture. The concept of gift basket was coming from fruit basket; while there are some other outcomes of gift basket-such as wine gift basket.

Wine is very important item to celebrate any occasion like wedding, birthday, anniversary etc.It gives a pleasant realisation of life and forces you to sing and dance while you can speak and walk. Wine and music are indispensable parts of every party. Wine is the only aspect which turns an occasion into a party.

A wine gift basket is a collection of excellent wines which is gifted to exhilarate the mood of any party. A wine gift basket is an ideal gift for the anniversary purpose; this will rejuvenate the conjugal life of the couple and share their experiences of year's long relationship. A peg of wine is a great way to express one's gratitude and thankfulness. Wine warms up a chilled Christmas evening into sizzling one. Wine is also very suitable for Valentine's Day celebration. Wine represents the concealed romance of people's life and makes them express their hidden feelings.

There are some people who consider this as the "last resort" gift type. But things are not always the same as a lot of hard work, concept and expertise are involved in this. The sender of the wine gift basket must remember that this is a gift and it should not be designed on the basis of his/her choices. The sender must know the choice and taste of the receiver so that the sender get an appreciation from the receiver.

These baskets are excellent presentations for both men and women as they are convenient for any occasions such as weddings, anniversaries or birthdays. Generally it is considered that men like their drinks in a can or twist top bottle which is very wrong guess. There are any men who like to prefer wine of different flavours and packages. It is not true that men are always not eager to spend extra times to uncork the bottles; many of them may prefer to give some extra effort to uncork their

adored bottles. As per the women are concerned they prefer the wine accessories such as crystal glasses, ice-pots or decanter. It is always recommended for the sender to gift wine on the basis of receiver's knowledge. If the receiver is not so accustomed with the wine then a guideline book to enjoy the gift is a great idea. Wine accessories can also be send if the receiver is an epicure of wine. In addition of Wine, some wine accessories can be appended. Accessories like crystal glasses,crorkscrews can be added to make it a worthwhile and warm.

As there are verities of wine gift baskets for different festivals and occasions, but choosing wine baskets for the proper occasions is very important.Winebaskets should not contain wine or wine accessories only, other delicious snacks such as chocolate, cheeses or cookies can be send. The prices of the wine gift baskets are also very important. The senders may have tasty and lucrative wine baskets range between $22 to $55.

A wine gift basket can be gifted to anyone-to friend, to immediate boss or to superior boss, to parents, senior people and last but not the least to your beloved.

About the Author

Abhijit Dey for http://www.buy-california-wine-online.com
Read more about Wines http://www.buy-california-wine-online.com/wine-gift-basket.html
Copyright 2006 http://www.buy-california-wine-online.com

A Short Napa Wine Summary

Wine Gift Basket

Wine Gift Baskets:
Gift baskets are very popular among the people having good taste and culture. The concept of gift basket was coming from fruit bask...

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Featured Napa Wine Items

The FTD Thanks a Bunch Bouquet - Premium

Say thanks a bunch, with this big, beautiful bouquet of bright colored flowers in glass vase with a ribbon. Arrangement includes orange gerbera daisies, yellow cushion pompons, lavender daisy pompons and more. Approx. 14H x 11W A15-TABP

Price: 59.99 USD

News about Napa Wine

Anti-Snob Wine Appreciation: 7 Tips from Sonoma

Tue, 25 Mar 08 18:37:38 -0700
Thick legs, full body, good structure. Sounds to me like a bad Match.com description. But no, it’s a cabernet sauvignon. Huh?

Special Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley Red Wines

Mon, 24 Mar 08 02:31:20 -0700
Rare and seasonal Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley red wines. These red wines have wonderful texture and great taste. Find these rare wines with luxury lifestyle provisions.

Film star Paul Newman, Wine Country partners, to sell Newman

Wed, 12 Mar 08 19:16:33 -0700
Film legend Paul Newman and his Newman's Own Inc. high-end food company plan to start selling two premium California wines, a chardonnay and a cabernet sauvignon, early next year.

Does the price of wine change how it tastes?

Fri, 07 Mar 08 21:31:14 -0800
SCIENTISTS AT CALTECH and Stanford recently published the results of a peculiar wine tasting. They provided people with cabernet sauvignons at various price points, with bottles ranging from $5 to $90. Although the tasters were told that all the wines were different, the scientists were in fact presenting the same wines at different prices.

2003 Quixote Cabernet Sauvignon Release

Thu, 06 Mar 08 00:00:01 -0800
NAPA, Calif. (Business Wire EON) March 6, 2008 -- Before we get immersed in a new growing season, though, we want to offer you the release of our 2003 Quixote Cabernet Sauvignon and 2003 Panza...

Traveling to Napa Valley by way of a Cabernet tasting

Thu, 28 Feb 08 10:13:38 -0800
Napa is synonymous with New World wine as Vatican City is synonymous with the pope. This is pretty much where the American wine industry flourished; where that little French grape known as Cabernet Sauvignon attained a whole new dimension.

Beer Wine


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