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Storing Fine Wine in Your Home

The kings of old had the most impressive wine collections in their castle homes. Fortunately, these days you can get the same without digging a moat around your home.

Storing Fine Wine in Your Home

If you have a large collection of wine bottles, a simple wine cabinet or wine refrigerator may not be large enough to hold your entire range of wine. When you've reached this point, which usually happens around 600 bottles or so, it's time to start thinking about alternative methods of storage. If you own your own home, installing one of the different types of storage solutions available on the market can be a great way to solve this problem.

Many storage units can be built underground in a basement area, typical of cellars from years past. Alternatively, you can have your wine cellar built in a climate controlled room of your house above ground. Whether you want an extravagant show piece or just a functional home for all of your wines, there are different types of wine cellars that are made to fit any taste or budget.

Wine Enthusiast, a company specializing in the creation of storage solutions, offers two different methods by which you can store your favorite vintages. They offer kits where do-it-yourselfers can piece together their own wine cellar, or custom cellars that can be built to your specifications and needs. The kit offers a more economical option for homeowners with shelving units you can put together yourself in order to obtain the desired effect. Available in mahogany, unfinished mahogany or premium redwood, these differently sized shelving units (each holding around a maximum of 100 bottles) can be placed together to create a beautiful storage unit.

Custom storage solutions are great for those enthusiasts that have enough money to design a unique, but effective storage facility that is in harmony with your home. Whether you'd like an exotic wood paneled round cellar or a one that is glass fronted and stacks wine bottles multiples deep, there are styles to fit your tastes. These custom solutions can hold thousands of bottles, which make them a perfect addition to your wine investment - there is room to grow.

Whether you want fully stocked custom solution so that you'll always have the perfect bottle to drink, or a vault for your investment - there are many different styles of wine cellar out there to choose from. Additions like tasting stands, glass fronted cabinets and climate controls all make storage units perfect for housing your collection.

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Storing Fine Wine in Your Home

The kings of old had the most impressive wine collections in their castle homes. Fortunately, these days you can get the same without digging a moat a...

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