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Provence - A Wine Lover's Dream Come True!

Provence is often overlooked by companies that offer traditional wine tasting tours, in spite of the excellence of its wines. If you're a true wine lover and wine fan, this beautiful location in France offers the most fascinating scenery and, not to mention, some of the best vineyards around.

In Provence, as everywhere in the Mediterranean, you'll find the people full of warmth, spontaneity and a "joie de vivre". As you will soon discover, any of these master oenologists (winemakers) will be delighted to introduce you to the wines they have become famous for; and share a little of the region's history with you.

In Provence your days will be filled with sunshine and warmth, and lush nights, scented with jasmine, lavender and wild thyme - whether you stay in a bustling, crowded metropolis with all the modern conveniences, or a turn-of-the-century country guest house filled with 17th and 18th century antiques.

However, little do outsiders know that winemaking in Provence is a serious business. Many of the winegrowers here have won the rights to include the prestigious "AOC" designation (Appellation d'Origine Controlee) on their bottles of wines. This label assures the buyer of a guaranteed vintage from the designated region. In order to win the right to become designated as an appellation wine, winegrowers much pass rigorous tests and inspections.

If you are thinking of traveling to the south of France in the near future, think about including a trip to one of the vineyards of the 60 winegrowers in the "Cotes de Provence" region. A small, yet beautiful area, it takes in the departments of the Var and part of the Bouches-du-Rhone.

Located in the heart of Provence's winemaking region, the "Maison des Cotes de Provence" boasts an outstanding selection of appellation wines. The Cotes de Provence winegrowers are experts in utilizing traditional methods when harvesting and bottling their wines. Their deep respect for the soil, the climate and the different varieties of grapes they use comes through in the quality and taste of each bottle.

During your visit to Provence, you can also arrange to take a wine tasting course at one of the vineyards where you will learn a complete understanding of wine: its robe (color), its bouquet (perfume), its body (strength) and everything you need to know about service, conservation and more. Not only will you be able to taste the finest wines, but you will also learn invaluable winemaking tips you can't learn elsewhere.

For the true wine lover, Provence is definitely a place to visit - both for the fantastic wines and unforgettable scenery!

About the Author

Mark Anthony is an avid wine lover. He owns a number of wine-related sites, including French Wine Secrets, Italian Wine Secrets and Napa Wine Secrets.

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Provence - A Wine Lover's Dream Come True!

Provence is often overlooked by companies that offer traditional wine tasting tours, in spite of the excellence of its wines. If you're a true wine lo...

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