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Tuesday February 10, 2009 - Napa Valley

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Wine and Gift Baskets: A Great Pairing

Wine and cheese may be a classic pairing, but the the perfect wine for a special occasion is is the ultimate pairing. Can you think of an occasion where wine won't make for better enjoyment? Neither can I.

The holiday season may as well be called the party season because of all the festivities that take place. Unplanned get togethers and unexpected guests are a common occurrence. In situations like these you don't want to be seen as a poor host. It's best to stock up so that won't happen.

Merchants expect large orders at this time of year and offer special deals on large shipments. Some employers like to include a bottle of wine as part of the employee Christmas bonus. For those employees that don't drink, non alcoholic versions are available as well.

If you're a guest to a holiday party, a bottle of wine is always a tasteful token of appreciation to offer your host. It shows you appreciate their efforts and builds good will. In fact, good wine shared over a good meal on special occasions makes for lasting memories.

If you're entertaining clients near the holidays, consider having a wine gift basket waiting in their room on arrival. Wine gift baskets are available for every special occasion, but imagine your client finding a beautiful basket waiting in their hotel room. It will get things off on the right foot. The ingredients of these baskets are gourmet quality and are picked to go expressly with the chosen wine--great pairings like truffles and champagne.

Not to worry if your dealing with a beer lover. Imported beer baskets are thoughtfully conceived to include great pub beers with goodies like pistachios and pretzels in the basket. Your beer lover can enjoy them while watching a football game--whether that's the NFL or UEFA variety. Cheers!

? 2006, Clara Myers. Visit Vin Cach? at http://vin-cache.com for great domestic and imported wines as well as wine baskets stuffed with gourmet treats.

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Wine and Gift Baskets: A Great Pairing

Wine and cheese may be a classic pairing, but the the perfect wine for a special occasion is is the ultimate pairing. Can you think of an occasion whe...

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Le Lion d'Or Rouge

A real specialty of the region. The "Lion of Gold" is a fruity, semi-dry red wine blended from the finest grape varieties of the rugged hillsides around the Mediterranean city of Narbonne. One of our most wines for years...you will love this even if you don't normally enjoy red wines. LDR04 LDR04

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