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A Guide To Wine Racking Systems

If you are serious about your wine, looking into wine racking systems is paramount and, indeed, represents an important investment.

For the person who only enjoys the occassional bottle, standard wooden or metal wine racks will suffice.

But for the individual who intends to collect wine and store bottles for months and years, wine racking systems are crucial to guard against humidity and temperature fluctuations that can ruin your precious wine.

Your wine racking system should also be constructed of odorless wooden material to avoid adversely impacting the flavor of the wine you store in it. One of the best materials is maple, but there are other choices as well, such as cedar and pine.

There are a couple of fundamental factors to consider when you shop for wine racking systems.

First, you want to make sure that the storage system allows your wine bottles to lay horizontally. This is important because it keeps the cork in contact with the wine inside, preventing the cork from drying out and becoming brittle. There is nothing more frustrating than opening a bottle of wine only to have the cork break apart, ruining your wine.

Second, you want to make sure your wine storing system provides ample room between bottles. This allows for air circulation and more even temperatures....resulting in, of course, better aging and better wine when it's time to enjoy a bottle you've been storing for that special occassion.

Third, your wine racking system should allow you to retrieve bottles without having to disturb or move other bottles of wine to reach it.

Although you can buy metal wine racks -- and some are beautiful -- for the serious collector who intends to store wine, wood is the way to go, because they do not readily conduct temperature shifts within your wine. Again, the end result is a better aging process.

Lastly, choose wine racking systems that are free standing. This not only creates a better visual appearance, but saves a great deal of room as well.

Some systems are stackable....allowing you the flexibility to grow your collection over time.

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A Guide To Wine Racking Systems

If you are serious about your wine, looking into wine racking systems is paramount and, indeed, represents an important investment.
For the person who...

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