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Picking The Perfect Wine Rack For Your Home

For many people starting out, it can be a very difficult and oftentimes overwhelming experience picking out the perfect wine rack. While there are many things to take into consideration when deciding which rack is perfect for your needs, deciding which rack to use to store your collection should never be a cause of stress.

One of the first things to consider when choosing a wine rack is whether you want to store your wine in a vertical or horizontal rack. While some prefer a vertical rack because it allows the labels to be easily viewed, wine stored on these types of racks are more likely to have the cork dry out and shrink causing air to enter the bottle and contaminate the wine. It is for this reason that horizontal wine racks are the most popular choice.

The second and third factors to take into consideration when picking a wine rack are the material it will be constructed of and the style of the rack. There are a variety of styles of wine rack, the most conventional being wall mounted, counter top, hanging and free standing. The most common wine racks are made of metal or wood. If metal is your preference, you can select Vintage View wall mounted wine racks, counter top wine racks, or custom made wrought iron or steel hanging or free standing wine racks. While metal wine racks are commonly made from wrought iron or steel, wooden wine racks are available in an array of finishes. The most frequently used woods used to construct a wooden wine rack are maple, mahogany, and walnut, however pine and redwood are also often used. Choose from single or double finished wall mounted wine racks, free standing wine racks such as Wine Cubes, Waterfalls, and Curved Corner Racks, or counter top racks such as the Pyramid wine rack.

The last thing to consider before purchasing a wine rack is the size of the rack and the cost. Wine racks for personal collecting can cost anywhere between $20.00 and $1000.00, it all depends on the size, style and finish. Even though there are a few things to consider when purchasing a wine rack, the variety of racks out there means that finding the perfect rack for your wine collection is simply a matter of knowing where and what to look for.

About the Author:

Ken Finnigan is the CEO of Finest Wine Racks a website specializing in quality decorative wine racks and durable wine storage systems.

Short Review on Cabernet Sauvignon

Picking The Perfect Wine Rack For Your Home

For many people starting out, it can be a very difficult and oftentimes overwhelming experience picking out the perfect wine rack. While there are man...

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Riedel Vinum Rhone/Syrah (Set of 2)

Riedel Vinum Wine Glasses make every drop of wine taste its best. Riedel revolutionized glassware by customizing the shape of wine glasses to a particular type of wine. Each wine glass is fine-tuned to direct the flow of the wine onto parts of the palate that will best express the flavors and aromas of a specific wine varietal. The fine crystal offers superb clarity so you can experience the wine's color and texture. Riedel Vinum offers a comprehensive selection of varietal-specific glassware that's affordable functional and dishwasher safe. Wines made from the Syrah grape typically exhibit intense aromas blackberries pepper as well as floral scents. The narrow rim of the Riedel Vinum Rhone / Syrah wine glass directs the flow of wine to the mid-palate allowing you to experience the wine's silky texture and sensuous fruit flavors while the tannins flow to the back of the palate for a smooth finish. Recommended for: Amarone Barbera Rhone (red). 9 1/4'H 22 7/8 oz.

Price: 49.80 USD

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