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January - Housewarming Wine

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Plans Aren't Wine, And They Don't Always Age Well

The following crossed my desk recently. The author gave me permission to share her story:

"Please alert people to something we're experiencing right now - having to clean up the mess of someone not naming more than one person as beneficiary on a life insurance policy. We are having an impossible time trying to get the funeral expenses paid for my sister and my mother. They died within four days of each other, and they left each other as beneficiary of their life insurance policies.

'If the person listed as a beneficiary dies, the insurance benefit goes into their estate.

'The problem is, neither of them had a will, either."

(Aside: This means that both estates, the mother's and the daughter's, will have to be probated by the Court, and the Court will decide who gets what. The process can be lengthy, and it can be expensive. The family might not see the funeral money for a while.)

"Also, please alert people to be sure that the person they choose to be their medical decision maker - the person who has Medical Power of Attorney - is willing to do what they would want done. Review the mental capacity of the appointed person regularly.

'My 85 year old Mother couldn't bring herself to honor my sister's Living Will that said she wanted to be allowed to go. The doctor wouldn't write a letter stating Mother wasn't capable of making these decisions for my sister, who was in a coma.

'So, my sister was put on life support, even though there was no hope that she would ever awaken or live a productive life. She lingered for months on a ventilator.

'My family and I wish we had thought about all these things sooner. We are taking a closer look at our own papers now."

She is soooo right.

Life insurance is something we all tend to forget about. When you started that new job, you made out your employer's insurance beneficiary papers on the first day. Have you thought about them since?

What about your Medical and Financial Powers of Attorney (you do have them, don't you?). If you've designated your spouse on one or both, what happens if you're in an accident together? Is there a secod person named who can step in?

If you made arrangements for your children when they were babies, are there things you should change now thatthey're older? Now that several years have gone by, would you still appoint the same people to care for your children in the event of a catastrophe?

Do you have a will? If not, some stranger in a black robe is going to be making decisions for you one day.

What about your parents? If one of them has passed away, has the survivor made the necessary changes to legal documents?

If one parent is in poor health or getting confused, is he or she still the only one legally appointed to make decisions for the other?

This doesn't really have anything to do with your age. Everyone over the age of 18 should give some thought to these questions, and then take action. Should you do something about it right now, before something goes tragically wrong?

You Betcha!

About The Author

© 2004 Molly Shomer, All Rights Reserved.

You are free to use this article as long as you include complete attribution, including live web site link and email link. Please notify me where the material will appear. The attribution should read:

"Molly Shomer helps when you're struggling with eldercare. Find articles, resources, tools and support at http://www.eldercareteam.com


Thoughts about Housewarming Wine

Plans Aren't Wine, And They Don't Always Age Well

The following crossed my desk recently. The author gave me permission to share her story:"Please alert people to something we're experiencing ...

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January 22, 2009 - Orange Muscat

Orange Muscat For Your Reading Pleasure

Exploring Wineries in Southern California

While Northern California is often sited as the wine region of California, the southern part of the state has much to crow about. Regardless, you have a chance to explore the hidden winery gems.

Exploring Wineries in Southern California

Most people think of northern California when they imagine wineries in the state, but other regions within California also produce wines. Southern California, specifically Temecula Valley, is also growing as a wine production area. In a warmer climate than northern California, and close to San Diego, exploring Temecula can easily be combined with trips to Los Angeles or San Diego. The beautiful warm days combined with temperate cool nights make a perfect climate for wine grapes.

There are several wine excursions in southern California, but by far the largest and most affordable is the Grapeline Wine Country Shuttle (888-8-WINERY). Based out of Temecula, this wine shuttle is unique in the fact that you can make reservations to board at any one of their scheduled stops and depots throughout Temecula, Escondido, Fallbrook or San Diego. Most of the stops are at the major hotels and other accommodations throughout the Temecula area. There are 21 wineries and vineyards in the region, and you can choose from any of these to make up your trip.

If you choose to take the Wine Shuttle, your ticket is good for a day's worth of transportation between the different wineries. Pick and choose which look good to you, and get off only at the wineries you're interested in. You can also choose to purchase the Value Passport, which is provided by a cooperative of the wineries and restaurants in Temecula. This Passport will save you even more money on tastings and meals. Choosing this option allows tourists and wine lovers to have the freedom to see whichever sites they are interested in without having to feel like part of a group - but you are also drinking responsibly.

The most popular of the wine excursions in southern California offered by the Grapeline is the Vineyard Picnic. This excursion is more structured, and includes a gourmet picnic lunch as well as transportation for the day. Tasting tickets are included with your fee (no waiting in line) and you get the advice and knowledge of the guide as well. A value pass is included with your trip, which entitles the holder to discounts on wines as well as merchandise at the vineyards and wineries.

Southern California is a great destination for vacationers, due to the beautiful temperatures and beaches. With wine excursions in Southern California, you also have a chance to explore the top notch wineries in the area.

About the Author

Xavier Moldini is with WineriesforYou.com - get daily wine tips.

A Short Orange Muscat Summary

Exploring Wineries in Southern California

While Northern California is often sited as the wine region of California, the southern part of the state has much to crow about. Regardless, you have...

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Riedel Vinum Extreme Shiraz/Syrah Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

The Riedel Vinum Extreme Wine Glass series pushes the boundaries of glassware. Riedel combines a dazzling oversized bowl with a unique angular look and an extra-tall stem to create a wine glass that is as beautiful to look at as it is to drink from. Vinum Extreme is made of fine crystal and is designed in the incomparable Riedel style to emphasize and enhance the flavors of every wine you drink. Wines made from the Syrah grape typically exhibit intense aromas blackberries pepper as well as floral scents. The narrow rim of the Riedel Vinum Extreme Shiraz / Syrah wine glass directs the flow of wine to the mid-palate allowing you to experience the wine's silky texture and sensuous fruit flavors while the tannins flow to the back of the palate for a smooth finish. Recommended for: Amarone Barbera Rhone (red). 9 1/2' H. 22.24 oz. Attention California residents. Proposition 65 WARNING.

Price: 120.00 USD

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